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Therapy for anxiety in Basingstoke

Are you looking for therapy for anxiety in Basingstoke? Maybe you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety and you’ve reached a place where you feel like you need some help and support? Or perhaps you’re a business looking to support colleagues during challenging times? We’re here to offer support.

Anxiety can appear at any time in your life and in many different ways – sometimes with no clear cause. As counsellors, we’re not here to judge what you may be feeling or experiencing. We’re here to support you while you explore those feelings in a safe, confidential environment.

Anxiety symptoms

If you’re experiencing any of the following, then we’re able to support you through our counselling services so that you can enjoy the benefits of a quieter mind:

  • chronic worrying and fears that bad things may happen if you stop – persistent checking behaviours?
  • feeling tense and on edge all the time
  • fears for the future
  • ruminating over past experiences that you can’t let go of
  • a sense of disconnection from the world
  • persistent worries about what people think of you or whether you have upset others
  • specific worries such as health anxiety or climate anxiety

How we can help you

“I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Day-to-day I feel calmer, more capable and self-aware enough to flag when I am drifting into familiar patterns that do not serve me. I honestly feel that life is so much better.”

We offer therapy for anxiety in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas for people from all walks of life. We focus on supporting you while you explore your inner world, offering insight and reflections that give you the tools you need to thrive.

If you’re feeling like your anxiety has started to get the better of you then perhaps now is the time to reach out and get some support.

Therapy for anxiety in Basingstoke

We offer different options for anxiety counselling depending on your situation:

  • individual counselling
  • couples counselling for those experiencing challenges in their relationship
  • counselling for employees as part of our Employee Wellbeing programme

Choose from one of the options below to discover more about our counselling services, how to book your first session with us and how we can support you to get through this period of your life.

  • Individual Counselling in Basingstoke
  • Relationship Support
  • Employee Wellbeing

You can read more about the symptoms of anxiety on the NHS website.

Please note that we are not a crisis service and therefore if you need immediate support, please contact the Samaritans who are available 24/7.

As we only work with over 18s, if you are under 18, YPI Basingstoke offers a counselling service to young people from the age of 11.